49ers' Christian McCaffrey rips influencer over 'evil' post criticizing Olivia Culpo's wedding gown choice

Christian McCaffrey married Olivia Culpo, former Miss Universe. A fashion influencer labeled Culpo's Dolce & Gabbana ballgown "modest."  

Gown Eyed Girl, Kennedy Bingham, said, "I’ve been a bridal creator for four years now, and I have never said this before, but I do not like this wedding dress," in a social media video.   

McCaffrey called Bingham's tweet "evil". "Posting this online is bad. "Sounds like my wife," he wrote on Instagram.  

Bingham liked the "simple, elegant" suit but felt it had "no personality." Caption: "From Miss Universe to Miss Pick Me, Olivia Culpo is earning her crown."  

Christian McCaffrey lands Madden NFL 25 cover, breaks RB drought: 'Pretty Surreal' In TikTok comments, Culpo called Bingham "bizarre human." Bingham claimed Culpo, 32, "didn't want (the dress) to exude sex in any way, shape or form."   

"What you wear on your wedding day has almost nothing to do with whether or not you’re going to have a long and happy marriage," said Bingham, who was "pushing this idea of what all brides should look like."  

Her obsession on covers is unexpected given her lack of modesty. I hate "covered" since you're not covered daily. What makes him think you're prettiest covered? Quite strange, she said.  

A Rhode Island chapel married McCaffrey and Culpo on June 29. McCaffrey had a career high with 1,459 rushing yards, 14 rushing touchdowns, and 7 receiving touchdowns in 2023. His production earned him a third Pro Bowl.  

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