5 Easy Ways to Attract and Help Butterflies 

Attract more butterflies to your backyard with a few simple steps. Plus learn tips to help butterflies by growing their favorite plants. 

We cannot stress enough how crucial host plants are for butterfly gardens. Monarchs need milkweed, but more. 

Grow Host Plants to Attract Butterflies

Natural plants benefit birds, bees, and butterflies. Getting started can be overwhelming, so find a local native plant source. Then request their advice. 

Add Native Plants

Pesticides in your yard will prevent caterpillars from becoming butterflies. It's enticing to have weed-free, verdant lawns, but avoid yard pesticides for butterflies. 

Eliminate Pesticides

Many places have butterflies from February to November. Butterfly season is longer in warmer climates.  

Pick Flowering Plants with Long Blooming Time

Watching butterflies is a great way to learn which plants they favor! Best to see butterflies in the heat of the day. Observing their favorite plants can teach you a lot.  

Watch the Butterflies That You Attract


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