7 Drought Tolerant Succulents for Beginners to Grow 

These tough rosettes are one of the few succulents that can survive frost in Zone 3. Purple Mojo's deep violet plum is a hit! 

Hens and Chicks

Its leaves expand like lotus petals, creating a beautiful bloom year-round. Morning Light is a beautiful, hazy-blue cultivar that beginners may cultivate. 


Super easy-grow plants with leaves that form big beautiful flower-like heads. Try the dark, rich cultivar Zwartkop. 


Agaves are big, expensive, and aggressive. Grow compact prickly mounds in containers to overcome these issues. Beautiful jade-cream variegated victoriae-reginae White Rhino agave. 


Snake plants are notoriously hard to kill houseplants. This most common variety sends thick, variegated leaf blades a foot into the air. Twist, a twirling cultivar, spins. 


Crassula ovata, or jade plants, are the most popular pudgy plants. If you like little trees, consider Crassula capitella ‘Campfire.’ 


This species has various cold-tolerant varieties, from ground covers to 18-inch plants. Elizabeth, hardy from Zones 3 to 8, with long-blooming red blooms and scarlet foliage in fall. 



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