7 Hardest Hikes In Washington National Park



Mount Rainier, Olympic, and North Cascades national parks in Washington State have mountains, lakes, forests, wildlife, and more. 

From the Paradise Visitor Center, the Skyline Loop hike offers excellent Mount Rainier views. 

Skyline Loop, Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Storm King is one of Olympic National Park's toughest treks. The trail starts near Lake Crescent and climbs steeply through dense woodland, testing your legs and lungs. 

Mount Storm King, Olympic National Park

Trail overlaps with Skyline Loop but concentrates on Panorama Point ascent. The journey starts in a peaceful meadow and gets harder.

Panorama Point Via Skyline Trail, 

The Burroughs Mountain Loop is a thrilling, high-altitude hike with Mount Rainier views. 

Burroughs Mountain Loop Trail, 

One of North Cascades National Park's hardest hikes begins at the Cascade River Road's conclusion. It climbs relentlessly with switchbacks to Cascade Pass 

Cascade Pass & Sahale Arm Trail 

The Van Trump Trail to Comet Falls is steep and difficult through lush trees and rocky outcrops. 

Comet Falls Via Van Trump Trail 

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