7 Most Beautiful Towns To Visit On The Great Lakes This Summer



It takes work to find the top Great Lakes cities, but we'll try. The Great Lakes have many communities, but these are the most picturesque and ideal for summer vacations. 

Cobourg, one of Ontario's most picturesque communities, retains its local character despite summer vacationers. On Lake Ontario's northern shore 

Cobourg, Ontario

South Haven's downtown Phoenix Street retail and freshwater beachfront summer ambiance make it a popular vacation spot. No wonder it's one of the Great Lakes'  

South Haven, Michigan

One of Michigan's top beach towns, St. Joseph has beautiful sandy beaches, five marinas, and distinctive boutiques. St. Joseph's grand Victorian mansions and well- 

St. Joseph, Michigan

The walkable village of Grand Marais offers outdoor excursions and postcard-perfect scenery  

Grand Marais, Minnesota

Winthrop Harbor, a charming village on Lake Michigan, has the Great Lakes' largest marina.  

Winthrop Harbor, Illinoi

A Midwest ‘great’ Great Lakes summer vacation spot, Traverse City is famous. Summer offers the best outdoor experiences for wildlife and festival lovers.  

Traverse City, Michigan

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