90-year-old travels to see Taylor Swift's 'Eras Tour' with granddaughter, says her heart 'still young'

Grandema's milestone birthday was at Taylor Swift's "Eras Tour." Dallas travel agency CEO Nancy Strong is a 10-year "Swiftie".   

On Fox News Digital last week, Strong revealed she fell in love with Swift in 2009 after Kanye West interrupted her VMA performance. "She handled that situation with such grace, and I have looked up to her ever since," adds.  

The 90-year-old corporate woman stated Swift and she share many similarities despite their 55-year age disparity.  

"She was raised in Redding, Pennsylvania, where I raised five boys in the '60s—it will always be special to me," she told Fox News Digital. At 90, Strong wanted to see Taylor Swift on the "Eras Tour."  

Adds "I wanted to celebrate my 90th dancing to Taylor Swift!" Swift visited Paris this summer, so Strong accompanied her granddaughter Jennifer Strong to Europe.   

"As with everyone who attends, Grammy was in complete awe of Taylor and couldn’t help but immediately start dancing and singing along," adds.   

Taylor Swift's California "ERAS TOUR" was a "micro earthquake." 5 songs are loudest. say, "They are truly memories I will cherish forever."  

They saw Swift's London gig in late June, making Nancy Strong a Swiftie who has seen her on the highly sought-after tour several times.   

The grandmother hopes to take her granddaughter to Swift's U.S. tour later this year.  "I know when Jen [Strong] looks back at our time at ‘The Eras Tour’ concert, she will be grinning from ear to ear — and that fulfills my heart," said.   

Grandmother will dance and support Swift throughout her career.  He adds "Trust me, I know it’s a lot of years, but at the end of the day, [my] heart is still 20 years old."  

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