ABC News changes Biden interview rollout, will now air Friday night in primetime special

ABC News' Friday night primetime special will feature the expected Biden interview. At 8 p.m. ET, George Stephanopoulos will promise "a transcript of the unedited interview will be made available the same day."  

The first clip will run Friday's "World News Tonight" and the full interview Sunday's "This Week."  Fox News Digital forced ABC to air Biden's mental health moments. ABC declined.  

After last week's frightening debate, in which Biden often lost his train of thought mid-sentence, hesitated to answer questions, and seemed weak, concerns about his age and viability increased.   

Despite the White House labeling it a "bad night," more Democrats, journalists, and media professionals want him to leave the 2024 campaign.  Biden can prove his viability in the Stephanopoulos interview, but it raises issues.  

Unknown interview length. Biden's length and appearance may be as important as his answers to save his campaign and reassure wary Democrats. ABC News' political coverage casts doubt on the Biden interview.   

Stephanopoulos interviewed former FBI Director James Comey for the first time since Trump fired him in 2018, drawing criticism for ABC News' enormous editing job.   

The George Stephanopoulos interview will be recorded and edited. ABC must give the interview transcript, but we need footage."Curtis Houck, NewsBusters managing editor, Fox News Digital.  

"This could be Robert Hur 2.0 if the transcript has a moment not shown on camera where Biden fumbles and stumbles," said.   

"If this were a Republican presidency in crisis like this, ABC would be bullied into doing it live, but the other networks will certainly employ a trust but not verify strategy with one of their own."  

Many liberal media sources have called for Biden to drop out of the presidential race after his shocking debate performance. The White House and Biden say he'll compete.   

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