Actress Demands Joe Biden Assassinate Donald Trump

Actress Lea DeLaria wants Biden to kill Trump. Left-wingers are furious that the Supreme Court determined that Trump has immunity for official conduct in office but not non-official acts.  

Decision was logical and predictable. The President won't face a zealous DA prosecuting his decisions. The President cannot break the law without repercussions. Decision is sensible and moderate.  

Some, like DeLaria, fixate about the 6-3 verdict. In an Instagram video, the "Orange Is the New Black" actress labelled Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom and declared war. That began her odd post.   

You can delete Trump. Eliminate him, Joe. If Hitler in 1940, kill him. Hitler 1940. Knock him out. Blow him up. Blow him or they'll blow us. Facts," DeLaria said in a crazy video.  

Not an expert on Secret Service investigations, but this video may lead to a call or visit. Mega-viral videos vowing war and seeking Trump's assassination are federally monitored.  

Disregard your politics. Requesting a murder is irrational and shouldn't be normalised. To clarify, ordering a political opponent's assassination is not presidential.   

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