Adam Schiff voter flips to GOP opponent Steve Garvey after Israel trip: 'If you're Jewish... you're not happy'

After meeting GOP candidate Steve Garvey in Israel, a California Democrat who supported for Rep. Adam Schiff is switching sides in November's Senate contest.  

Jewish lawyer Samara Weiner joined the MLB great on "Fox News @ Night" Tuesday to criticize Schiff for putting "politics above everything else" after the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack.  

"He was pandering too much to the far-left of the Democratic Party," remarked. It incited antisemitism, which attacked my community's Jews. No one saw Adam Schiff back Israel's defenses."  

"If you're Jewish right now, you're not happy with the Democratic Party," said. "We are ready for someone with moral clarity... someone who will fight for us and do the right thing."  

Last October, 10-time MLB All-Star and World Series champion Garvey ran for Senate. His stay in Israel included visiting the Nova festival, meeting a prisoner family, and talking to Weiner.  

People told me to investigate border, homelessness, and street crime for answers. Returning to Israel is crucial "Garvey said Gallagher. During his journey, California-Israeli Weiner found Garvey "completely authentic".  

"I really respected his fearlessness," told. "The Democrat Party is lacking a fearless leader." After beating Democrats in March's jungle primary, Garvey aims to be California's first Republican senator since 1992.  

He stated, "The single greatest currency we have is the opportunity vote," "proud" of Weiner for opposing status.  I love this state. I adore this nation. Political courage was needed "stated.  

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