Ask the Experts: Winter Shrub Covers and Protection 

Snow and ice removal can damage trees and plants in winter. It goes without saying that you must clear your road and paths, but you also want to be careful when working with your landscaping. 

Be Cautious with De-Icing Products and the Snow Plow

These products that safeguard you and your family from slips and falls might damage your lawns, plants, and trees. Look for plant- and pet-friendly de-icing products. Use only as directed. 

Pruning prevents winter snow and ice damage to trees and plants. Trees can be pruned to remove flaws and weak branches, making them more resistant to snow and ice storms and high winds. 

Plan Ahead for Snow and Ice with Proper Structural Pruning

If you continue structural pruning, your trees will be more likely to withstand the extra weight. 

Some trees are more cold-sensitive. Ideal examples are evergreen plants and bushes. When the earth freezes, roots can't absorb water, so plants use leaf water.  

Protect Trees and Shrubs from Winter Damage with an Anti-Desiccant Spray

This can lead to severe dehydration – regardless of how much snow and rain has fallen. 


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