Axios reporter shoots down excuses for Biden's debate performance: 'I'm not sure if there's a good one'

President Biden and his backers have given numerous reasons for his bad debate performance, but one reporter on Wednesday said they don't make logic.  

Biden's performance in last week's presidential debate has Democrats worried about his November chances against former President Trump.   

In subsequent days, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre blamed the president's poor debate performance on "a cold" and repeated his Tuesday night claim that he was still recovering from "jet lag" after the G-7 conference in Europe.   

His night wasn't great. Had a cold. She said he was jetlagged. "The president told you personally. After being knocked down, he gets up."  

When challenged about the "evolving messaging from the White House" on CNN, Axios national political writer Alex Thompson said the excuses don't work.  

"I mean, we really don‘t have enough time in the segment to go through the shifting explanations, because it is — listen, they didn‘t even say that he had a cold until an hour into the debate," remarked.   

"Earlier this week, Joe Biden never mentioned having a cold. After saying he had a cold, Karine Jean-Pierre replied he had no cold medication."  

Thompson continued "He said, ‘Oh, it’s really about the travel.’" You must also consider that he was in Eastern Time for 10 days before the debate. Yes, he traveled a lot in early June, but they planned for downtime."  

"The White House has still not been able to try to hone in on an explanation for why Joe Biden at the debate could not even string simple sentences together," he said.  

Thompson said the president's illness couldn't explain his "inability to answer simple questions." "I think the thing is the White House is trying to find an explanation, and honestly I'm not sure if there's a good one," stated.   

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