Biden resists mounting pressure to step aside

Former President Trump slammed Biden and Harris in a golf course video. The Daily Beast reported that the 78-year-old Republican presidential candidate attacked Biden, 81, in a golf cart with his son Barron.  

“How was last night’s debate?” Trump asks with a fistful of cash in video. “We kicked that old, broken down pile of crap,” Trump says, throwing money from his golf cart. He's evil.  

Trump again claimed, “He just quit—quit the race. He was replaced by Kamala. She should perform better. She stinks. The unfortunate girls. She's awful." Trump then questioned Biden's Russia-China ties.  

"Can he handle Putin?" Chinese president rages. "He's fierce, very tough." Xi Jinping He was meant to quit. Hit him harder?  Trump's wagon advanced. Filmed unknown golf course.  

Entrepreneur and Democratic contributor Dmitri Mehlhorn informed President Biden in a secret call that he is better than Kamala Harris and the party's strongest 2024 candidate.   

Mehlhorn's leaked call labeled Harris "more threatening" to swing voters than "dead Joe Biden, or a comatose Joe Biden." "That comment was only in an exceptional situation," Mehlhorn told "Fox & Friends" Lawrence Jones.  

Mehlhorn supported Biden's mental acuity after the CNN Presidential Debate and accused Trump of not being able to "distinguish between fact and fiction."   

Last week's presidential debate suggested Gretchen Whitmer, a "Draft Gretch" shadow activist, may succeed Biden. She has little chance in November against former President Donald Trump, says an analyst.  

"She's denying her interest because she can't appear disloyal," Fox News Digital reported former White House official and Bush administration HHS deputy secretary Tevi Troy.  

Friend politician termed this the Cinderella ball issue. Time is ticking and everything changes at midnight, but the prince is handsome and the champagne is flowing, so you enjoy the dancing.   

Smart people dance at midnight while guarding the door." Recent weeks have seen Whitmer lead donor choice lists and talk about a presidential race after being re-elected by a double-digit margin in 2022.  

Biden replacement? Whitmer denies 'Draft Gretch' campaign, but her star is rising 

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