Biden's future in question as Dem governors meet with president behind closed door

After meeting with President Biden, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, Minnesota Tim Walz, and Maryland Gov. Wes Moore speak to reporters outside the White House.  

After his criticized debate performance last week, Democratic governors from across the country met with President Biden at the White House Wednesday evening.  

The conference sought to bolster party leaders' support and maintain Biden's campaign. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, who chairs the Democratic Governors Association, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Michigan Gov.   

Gretchen Whitmer, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore, and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul planned to attend. Reporters only heard from Govs. Walz, Hochul, and Moore after the meeting.  

Governor Walz said he and his colleagues had a “great conversation” with President Biden. Walz claimed his fellow governors were concerned about “the threat of a Trump presidency,” not Biden's cognitive capacity.   

Walz commended Biden for handling Covid and “investing in infrastructure and the middle class.” Walz stated that all governors agreed that the debate last Thursday was a “bad performance.”  

“The president always supported us. We will support him because the outcomes under this administration have been undeniable in all of our states, Moore added.  

Moore called the presidential election a choice “between someone who has continually delivered for us in our states and the people of our states and, frankly, someone whose vision for the future of this country is downright dangerous.”  

According to Hochul, President Biden was “in it to win it.” “All of us pledged our support to him because the stakes could not be higher,” Hochul remarked on Independence Day eve, referencing the fight against tyranny.  

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