Blame Biden if your July 4th cookout burns your wallet

In a Biden food pricing interview, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said "No" to "sticker shock" on her monthly grocery trips.   

Despite weekly store prices, economist who labeled greatest inflation since 1980s "transitory" wants Americans to think food expenses aren't so bad. Disregard Yellen and trust your eyes.    

American Farm Bureau's 4th-of-July market-basket survey found BBQ supplies 30% more expensive since 2019. No grocery shopper can ignore that. Price spikes impact food-strapped families.   

The Food Industry Association's 2024 Food Prices & the Consumer poll found 70% of shoppers concerned about grocery store price hikes, with 39% "extremely concerned."    

Over half of Advantage 2024 Shopper Outlook customers cut back and one-third moved grocery retailers to save money.As, "[t]wenty percent of shoppers surveyed say they are skipping meals to save money."   

America wants truth. Says "Yes, prices are out of control because we have embarked on an unprecedented level of government spending that, as Larry Summers correctly predicted, ‘set off inflationary pressures of a kind we have not seen in a generation.’" I'm mad. Learning-based control." Honesty matters.    

No Biden inflation-control plan stops that. Biden wastes despite inflation. Overspends Fed chairman Ben Biden said inflation is "sticky," which raises interest rates and damages homebuyers and other lenders.   

Reason said Trump's "Nearly $1 Trillion Deficit Is Worse Than a Broken Promise." Post-pandemic Biden-Yellen deficit will surpass $2 trillion this year.    

Biden spending hurts inflation, the economy, and households.This may make you think no one is in charge or radicals want to destroy America's economy and prestige.     

It's striking American families' July 4th BBQs and dinner tables despite Biden administration efforts to hide it. Will Americans tolerate this madness?  

Biden resists mounting pressure to step aside 

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