Blue Flag Iris Care and Growing Tips 

Southeastern US-native blue flag iris thrives in moist, sunny locations. Lovely green blade-like foliage year-round and short-lived blue blooms with yellow centers in April. 

Grow Native Blue Flag Iris

It thrives in damp soil and grows to 2–3 feet. It may be planted in water, making it ideal for ponds and lakes where it will naturalize and shield breeding ducks. Blue flag iris thrives in rain gardens. 

“This plant was a gift. What is it, and how should I care for it?” asks Birds & Blooms reader Nydia Pistoll. 

Invasive Nonnative Yellow Flag Iris

Gardener Melinda Myers says, “The strappy leaves and emerging flowers look like yellow flag iris (Iris pseudacorus). Indoor plants have smaller blossoms.  

The invasive perennial yellow flag iris is a harmful weed in many areas. Remove seedpods as they form. This saves energy on seed formation. 

Stop the Spread

but more importantly, it prevents the spread of this invasive plant into natural waterways. 


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