Blue state customers flock to Idaho gun store to find 'a little bit of freedom,' owner say

In Post Falls, Idaho— On a Saturday morning, North Idaho Arms owner Bryan Zielinski expected Washington-licensed cars in the quiet parking lot.  

Most eastern Washington clients commute 30 minutes. Zielinski said some go five hours from Seattle on weekends to get banned magazines and other items.  

"We're seeing people wanting to make the drive solely just to experience a little bit of freedom, the freedom that they lost in Washington," said he.  

"Some of the most restrictive gun control in the United States is now in western Washington," adds. "And that all happened in the space of less than three years."  

Zielinski said Democrats fought for years to ban magazines with more than 10 rounds. Attorney General Bob Ferguson, a Democratic governor candidate, backed a Consumer Protection Act rule prohibiting "unfair or deceptive" business practices.  

Washington lawmakers banned high-capacity magazine production, import, distribution, and sale in 2022 but not possession.   

The National Institute of Justice-supported Violence Project estimates 25% of 1966–2020 mass shootings utilised "assault weapons". This endeavour chronicles public shootings that killed four or more.  

The Violence Project reports eight handgun shootings in Washington since 1966. The 2016 Mukilteo home party shooting was one of several semi-automatic gun deaths in the state.  

Two months after Jay Inslee outlawed assault firearms, the Zielinskis moved to North Idaho. “I really saw how bad things were getting,” Zielinski added. "We finally reached a crescendo."  

Zielinski founded a weapons company five minutes from DC. He spoke to Fox News Digital while surrounded by semi-automatic firearms that were outlawed in his old state.  

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