Caitlin Clark discusses teaming up with Angel Reese for WNBA All-Star Game

First performance with Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese. Both rookie superstars were named WNBA All-Stars Tuesday, so they'll play July 20 together.  

Clark received the most league votes and was the only player with over 700,000. Voters ranked Reese fifth. Their rivalry has become a must-watch since last year's NCAA title.  

Clark denied a rivalry recently. Consider the turmoil the two have suffered over the previous 15 months. Clark knows, but she values other concerns more.  

I don't think I've ever been her USA Basketball teammate "Clark stated Tuesday night. I know people will be excited, but I hope it doesn't hurt others. This is a significant win for USA and WNBA. They deserve equal praise.  

"It would be unfair to them to let it dominate All-Star weekend. Naturally, this is problematic. Celebrate them as best we can, and I'll enjoy it because you never know when you'll be back. Everyone will enjoy it."  

Clark leads WNBA rookies with 16 points and 7.1 assists per game and is third in assists. Reese recently set the league record for consecutive double-doubles (10).   

One of four double-doubles players, Reese leads the WNBA with 11.8 rebounds. During the 2023 national championship, LSU's Reese hit Iowa Hawkeye Clark and pointed to her ring finger, saying "you can't see me".   

Clark beat Reese 2-1 in WNBA after March Madness revenge for Iowa. They may share a dressing room, bench, and floor. Two of the most watched WNBA games in 20 years were their last.  

Clark and Reese were the only rookie All-Stars. Their opponent is the US Olympic team. Leaving Clark off the Olympic team sparked discussion.  

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