Could You Live In One Of The Darkest Places On Earth?



Norway boasts stunning natural beauty, like Trollstigen, Kjosfossen waterfall, Lysevegen Road, and UNESCO World Heritage Naerøyfjorden. 

Svalbard, which means “cold edge/ridge/beard,” is not one of Norway's top visual tourist sites like the Viking Ship Museum, but it has its own appeal.  

What To Know About Svalbard

Since 2015, Swedish TikToker and YouTuber Cecilia Blomdahl has lived in Svalbard, finding the sky turning “absolutely pitch black” “fascinating. 

What It’s Like In Svalbard During Polar Night

Many tourists choose Tromsø as their first stop in Norway, although some may be more interested in Svalbard. The prime season is May to September 

How To Get To Svalbard, Norway

If you want to experience the polar night, the Northern Lights, and Christmas, late December and early January are best.  

Flights may be limited, and daytime temperatures may reach 18°F and nighttime temperatures may drop to 7°F. 

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