Dark Skies & UFOs: Here's Where The Weirdest Stuff Happens In The US



Although UFOs are a global occurrence, the US is the global hub for sightings. The US has produced many of the 20th century's most notable UFO incidents,  

No other place is as synonymous with UFOs as Roswell, New Mexico. The UFO encounter that turned Roswell into a tourist destination is so well-known that details may be hard to find. 


His report said he noticed a "bright, flashing light" to his left. After peering closer, he observed 9 shining, metallic-like items flying in a chain at fast speed. 

Mount Rainier

Whatever the reality, Skinwalker Ranch and Uintah County are popular UFO locations. 

Skinwalker Ranch

Tourists flock to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a beachfront resort with many enjoyable activities. 

Myrtle Beach

The early Cold War saw most of America's renowned UFO encounters. Due to a lack of trustworthy recording equipment, secret technologies, and Cold War espionage, 

Phoenix Metropolitan Area

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