Democrats still 'like Joe Biden,' majority 'don't want him to quit' despite debate, pollster say

CNN polling expert Harry Enten said Wednesday that removing President Biden from the Democratic Party ticket would be difficult since the grassroots still supports him.   

"The fact of the matter is, most Democratic voters, two-thirds of them, want Joe Biden to stay in this race," he said. "They don't want him to quit."  

A Tuesday Reuters/Ipsos poll found that 32% of Democrats want Biden to leave the race after his debate with Trump, while 66% want him to stay.  

"Overall, voters want him gone," Enten said. Democrats like Biden. Joe Biden's numbers don't match the last two Democratic incumbents who declared, "You know what?" I gotta leave."    

Harry Truman and Lyndon B. Johnson didn't run again, Enten said.  The polling expert claimed the Democratic base, not "activists," puts the most "pressure on their members of Congress, governors, elected officials, party actors to try and get Biden to leave."   

"A big issue with getting Biden out?" Enten wrote. Democrats desire Biden's retention. Leader-pressing voters want Biden in. Data don't match Truman (52) or Johnson (68). They resemble Bush (92), who stayed in and lost."  

CBS News showed that most respondents mistrust Biden's mental capacity to be president after last Thursday's subpar debate.  

That research found 72% think Biden is psychologically unfit to serve. Enten reported Tuesday that 36% of people thought Biden was too old to be president four years ago.  

The Biden team has repeatedly refused calls for the president to withdraw after the debate.  

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