Dems 'coming to terms' that Biden 'not in control' after poor debate: ex-WH physician  

After his disastrous debate performance, a congressman who was a White House physician for three administrations claimed the Democratic Party and its allies are "coming to terms" that President Biden is "not in control" of his.  

They now realise this harms democracy and national security, Ronny Jackson told Fox News Digital last week.  "I publicly criticise Joe Biden's terrible ideas.   

Treating three US presidents makes me doubt his presidential readiness. Biden was unfit for office. Unworthy four-year presidency "Jackson.   

Texas Republican treated Obama and Trump after Bush's White House Medical Unit. Jackson publicly criticised his mental health after Biden's 2020 campaign.    

MSNBC reported this week that former Obama Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson favours Biden's re-election due to his cabinet.   

Johnson: "A presidency is more than one man" on MSNBC Tuesday.I'll take Joe Biden at 86 on his worst day with Avril Haines, Samantha Power, and Gina Raimondo over Trump."   

Last Thursday's talk, when the president stumbled, lost his thread of thought, and spoke raspily, raised questions about his mental health and age. Former opponent Donald Trump labelled him weak and slow.   

Biden erroneously said, "We finally beat Medicare," in a debate. Trump said Biden harmed senior health insurance. Trump then criticised Biden's convoluted immigration policy.  

He then said something unclear. Trumps: "I don't think he knows what he said either." Jackson of Fox News Digital stated Biden is "not the same man" as Obama's veep.   

"In 2020, I was criticising candidate Joe Biden for his apparent lack of fitness for his first potential term," adds.   

"I was in the White House when Joe Biden was VP, and the man we’ve seen since announcing his candidature is not the same man who was VP for eight years." 

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