Don't Expect Fireworks Early In Diamondbacks Vs Dodger

My favorite holiday. Thanksgiving and Christmas were exciting as kids because of food and football, but the 4th was different. All day, Americans watch baseball.   

Swimming is common in summer. Swimming and drinking beer make me happy. I like hot dogs, hamburgers, and ribs. I love it. A win and fireworks are the finest way to end the day.   

Others are tied to performance, injuries, or the team's deep playoff run last year and this summer. Losing isn't the offense's fault.   

Club has hit.250 and scored over 400 runs this season. Game average: 4.7 runs. Merrill Kelly's absence worries pitchers. Their season ERA is 4.67, WHIP 1.36, and opponents hit.264.   

Tonight, their best pitcher, Zac Gallen, faces the Dodgers. This season, Gallen is 6-4 with a 2.83 ERA and 1.07 WHIP. Gallen got injured in his last May start and missed most of June. He only started once but pitched six scoreless innings and allowed one Athletics hit.   

Although he hasn't played them this season, they're terrible against him. Of their 20 hits in 96 at-bats, half are extra-base hits. Losing an annual MVP candidate hasn't slowed the Dodgers.   

Mookie Betts is sidelined, but they win another division. Betts returns this year. August marks his homecoming. The Dodgers, one of the league's best teams, are 20 games over.500 and should be good through September.   

Two superstars: Shohei Ohtani will likely win the league MVP, while Freddie Freeman is approaching.300. Several pitchers were assembled last season.   

Knack started three Aprils but one May. He allowed one homer in 9.2 innings in two June starts. Once this season, he allowed one homer, four hits, and one walk in five innings against the Diamondbacks.   

Gallen and the Dodgers are tough without Betts. My greatest bet is Gallen going scoreless and playing well against LA.  Though risky, the Diamondbacks could win. First five under and both pitchers on their "A" game are my picks.  

Blame Biden if your July 4th cookout burns your wallet 

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