Everything You Need To Know When Visiting Florida This Summer



Florida is the “Sunshine State” and the place to be for summer travel. With its many attractions, Florida attracts 140 million visitors annually 

Even though weather is unpredictable, Florida's afternoon thunderstorms may be predicted. Please check the weather prediction, 

Be Ready For The Late Afternoon Thunderstorm

Florida beaches are less than 75 miles away from anywhere. Not all beaches are alike.  

The Gulf Coast Beaches & The East Coast 

Over 700 freshwater springs in Florida draw tourists looking for scenic beauty, wildlife, a location to kayak or paddleboard for an Instagram-worthy photo,  

Surprise! There’s Freshwater, Too!

Will you drive in Florida? Unless you're coming to Disney World and staying in the “Disney Bubble” or staying in downtown Tampa or Miami  

It's Recommended To Get A Sunpa

Even though Florida has brutal summers, travelers flock there. Much of that is due to families with kids visiting Orlando theme parks during longer school breaks  

Expect To Pay More In The Summer

The well-known Florida cities are famous for a reason, but smaller towns that tourists may not know about can also be fantastic.  

Don’t Skip Florida's Small Town

7 Budget-Friendly RV Destinations For Retirees 

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