Ex-Obama official Julián Castro calls on Democrats to replace Biden on ticket

Former Obama administration official Julián Castro urged Democrats to replace President Biden as the party nominee on Tuesday due to worries about his fitness for office and ability to defeat Trump.  

Castro blamed Trump's corruption and crime convictions for his vulnerability, while Democrats defended Biden's debate performance and cognitive decline "baggage".   

Castro told MSNBC, "If you switch candidates, that’s a different story." Focus on Trump's baggage, not Democrats'. Democrats have more choices. Harris trailed Trump by two points and Biden by six in today's study.  

"You believe Joe Biden should drop out of the race?" Chris Jansing of MSNBC asked. "I believe that another Democrat would have a better shot at beating Trump," says.  

Castro remembered Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, the first sitting Democratic lawmaker to say Biden should not run again on Tuesday for fear of electing Trump.   

Among the New York Times editorial board, elite newspaper columnists, "The View" co-hosts, and MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Biden should not run again.  

"I actually don't see a path now for President Biden to stay in this race in the long term," said Castro, the former San Antonio mayor and Obama HUD secretary.  

Castro's 2020 debate attack on Biden's memory stood out. Castro claimed Biden forgot his "two minutes ago" mixed-reception health care proposal in 2019.  

Biden wanted to become the oldest president and distinguish out in a varied Democratic primary field with younger candidates at 77. Castro was hampered by Biden's age and Obama loyalty.  

For five days, media and Democrats have tried to remove Biden from the ticket due to his raspy voice and confused debate statements. Aides to Biden back his nomination.  

Dems 'coming to terms' that Biden 'not in control' after poor debate: ex-WH physician 

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