Florida woman arrested after allegedly leaving grandchild in hot car while she grocery shopped

A Florida mom was jailed for leaving her young grandchild in a hot car while grocery shopping at Publix.  

Elena Grady, 63, was arrested for abandonment of a child inflicting bodily harm after her 2-year-old grandchild was found unsupervised in a hot car in the Publix parking lot on Tuesday.  

Jail records show Grady was freed around midnight Wednesday after posting her $3,000 bond. Around 3 p.m., Volusia County sheriff's deputies arrived to the Publix on Roscommon Drive in Ormond Beach.  

Tuesday after store management saw a child alone in a parked car, the department reported on Facebook. A toddler "appeared lethargic" in a car "parked in full sun, no shade, not running, with the windows cracked," the post added.  

A Publix manager unlocked the car and brought the kid inside to cool off. Grady then entered the business and "took custody of the child."  

"[Grady] left Publix but was later located by deputies who also checked on the child and found her to be in good health," the sheriff added.  

The sheriff's office reported 91 degrees with a 101-degree heat index when the toddler was left in the car. The toddler was also found alone in the car for 16 minutes.  

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office reminded Facebook users that on a 90-degree day, switched-off cars can reach 120 degrees in 30 minutes and 138 degrees in 90 minutes.  

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