Former MLB player Craig Monroe faces sexual abuse accusations, removed from Tigers broadcast

Former MLB player and announcer Craig Monroe was sacked for sexual abuse. Leaving air forever.  Detroit Free Press reports Monroe was investigated for criminal sexual behaviour.  

Monroe reportedly sexually molested a 12-year-old. She claimed the crime lasted years.  The FOX 2 Detroit accuser sought anonymity.  

She may have met Monroe when her family visited his family in Florida in the early 2000s and minor league baseball.  The victim said Monroe fondled her first, then more. Monroe had sex with her at 15.  

The accuser admitted to 18-year-old sexual consent with Monroe. She charged to protect her family. Charlotte County Sheriff's Office is investigating the crimes.  

Monroe joined the Bally Sports Detroit broadcast crew in 2012. He hasn't appeared on TV since June 9. Tigers and Bally corroborated the claims.  

"Bally Sports Detroit and the Tigers take social media claims seriously. "No further comment, and inquiries to Mr. Monroe." Monroe will be off air indefinitely. Monroe's lawyer, Michael Manley, disputed guilt.  

"Craig Monroe takes allegations of this nature very seriously and would never commit or condone such despicable conduct," said he.   Monroe will cooperate with police, Manley said.   

"We trust that law enforcement will uncover the truth regarding her background and motivations," said. Monroe was a five-season Tiger and 2006 AL pennant winner. He played 34 Pirates games before retiring in 2009.  

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