Great American Jenna Berman Hits The Beach For The 4th, Greg Olsen Goes Hard & Shredded Kurt Angle Freedom,

Last night's drinking makes you assume it's Friday. If you pull a stunt like the asshole neighbor who did a total mow and blow stunt last night during our 4th of July party in our yard, you'll lose TNML international rating.   

In his mother's yard, full-bore zero-turn mowers eliminate weeds, sticks, and trash. Blowing takes 30 minutes.   

Our celebration was excellent with 12-14 kids in the pool, 10 adults on the two patio levels, the new Weber, and a large patio table. No tears.   

On a hot night in 1813, American soldiers defeated British scumbags at the Maumee River for pyrotechnics. The best country was given, therefore tonight's fireworks are worth my early exhaustion.   

I wish you and yours well. Happy 4th. In south France. Probably writing. My 3 guys are tall. Large grillable skirt steak from my local butcher. Giant chimichurri potato salad.   

Poolside XM yacht rock. Thanks, VPNs. Thunder Island mimics you.  Best nation, happy Independence Day. No more morning. Ice, steak, pool heat, patio Tour de France, and 4th relaxation.   

Don't Expect Fireworks Early In Diamondbacks Vs Dodgers 

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