Grow a Dogwood Tree for Beauty and the Birds 

Dogwoods trees have good looks, and they also attract wildlife. Add a dogwood tree to your yard for colorful flowers, foliage and berries. 

From 6" ground covers to 60-foot trees, dogwood trees come in all shapes and sizes. The family comprises around 40 deciduous, ornamental trees and shrubs, most of which are graceful 6–30-foot trees. 

Why You Should Grow a Dogwood Tree

Beautiful dogwood trees will captivate you. Decorative bracts—large, petal-like leaves enclosing little, unimpressive greenish-yellow blooms—are the dogwood's greatest attraction. 

Dogwood Tree Growing Tips

Dogwood blooms. Expands to 20–30 feet tall with a wide canopy. Fall leaves burn scarlet, and fruit lasts until winter. Find anthracnose-resistant variants. 

5 Types of Dogwood Trees to Grow

 Cultivars to try: Arctic Fire is compact with darker stems and Ruby boasts wine-red fall leaves.

Red Twig Dogwood Tree Care

There is more to dogwood trees than just their fabulous spring show. From summer berries and fall foliage to great winter textures, they have year-round appeal. 

Dogwood Trees Attract Wildlife


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