Grow Dianthus for Fragrant Flowers and Fancy Foliage 

Its modest size and vivid blooms make it ideal for bordering garden areas, sidewalks, and patios. It gives landscaping margins color and texture. 

Border Plant 

This container-grown plant adds color to balconies, terraces, and patios. Its aromatic flowers and foliage add sensory appeal to outdoor spaces. 

Container Gardening 

Perfect for edging pathways or garden borders, 'Paint the Town Fancy' Pinks creates a neat, colorful edge that defines garden spaces while adding aesthetic value. 

Edging Plant 

This Dianthus hybrid forms a dense groundcover with foliage and blooms when planted in mass. It's an appealing method to cover bare garden spaces or decrease weeds. 


For its vibrant color and foliage, use it as a focal point in small gardens or mixed beds. Rock gardens and perennials that thrive in similar environments work best with it. 

Landscape Accent 

Planting 'Paint the Town Fancy' Big clusters of pinks can turn any yard into a brilliant sea of fuchsia. 

Mass Planting 

Its brilliant blossoms and blue-green foliage look great against stones and gravel in rock gardens due to its dry soil tolerance. 

Rock Gardens 


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