Here's Where To Find The Best Hiking In New England



The best hiking in New England depends on the hiker. We've looked at several hiking spots in the region because there are so many destinations and paths 

Hiking is one of several eco-friendly New England activities. Mount Lafayette and the Franconia Ridge Trail Loop in New Hampshire's White Mountains offer stunning trekking. 

Mount Lafayette & Franconia Ridge Trail Loop

At 6,288 feet, Mount Washington is the northeastern United States' highest peak. New Hampshire's White Mountains are home to one of New England's top hikes.  

Mount Washington Trail

New England's picturesque, hidden walks are sometimes demanding, but this one is manageable 

Mount Cardigan Via West Ridge Trail

Since it's not difficult, the Hunt Trail to Katahdin Falls may be New England's most spectacular waterfall hike for beginners.  

Katahdin Falls Via Hunt Trail

Mountain Wachusett in central Massachusetts offers beautiful hiking on the Balance Rock, Old Indian, and Semuhenna Trails.  

Mount Wachusett via Balance Rock,  

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