Jocelyn Nungaray's family confesses sexual assault, rejects death punishment after illegal aliens killed her.  

Recent forensic testing shows 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray was sexually abused before being strangled in Texas.Fox 26 said that the child's family confirmed her sexual assault.  

Two Venezuelans, Johan Jose Martinez-Rangel (21) and Franklin Jose Peña Ramos (26), are accused of capital murder for Jocelyn's death. Two men illegally entered the U.S. earlier this year.  

Both accused brought Jocelyn under a bridge, sexually assaulted her, and strangled and dumped her in a creek. Jocelyn's death inquiry test results sent to Harris County DA.  

An investigation source told Fox News that semen was found on her, implying sexual assault, but the DNA match has not yet returned.  

The Harris County District Attorney's Office informed Fox News it will "no comment on the evidence in this case until the appropriate time." Houston Forensic Science Centre wouldn't say.  

To achieve justice for Jocelyn's death, the family awaits the court's approval of new evidence and seeks bail revocation.  

If found guilty of sexually abusing Jocelyn, they may be executed. Instead of the death punishment, Jocelyn's family prefers the accused to live.  

"I want, every time they go to sleep, they remember what they did and show the others you don’t mess with our child, you don’t mess with the United States, you don’t mess with Texas."  

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