Karine Jean-Pierre answers point-blank if Biden suffers from dementia after disastrous debate

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House press secretary, said President Biden does not have Alzheimer's or dementia after Thursday's discussion.  

"At 81, does President Biden have Alzheimer's or another degenerative disease that causes similar lapses?" a reporter asked Jean-Pierre Tuesday afternoon.  

The first press briefing since Biden's debate performance last week, which caused Democrats and conventional media sites to call for his resignation over age and mental health, was Tuesday.   

Special Counsel Robert Hur termed Biden "a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory." This raised fears about the president's mental health for years.   

The White House called many of Biden's public missteps "cheap fakes," such as the viral video of him standing still during a Juneteenth performance last month.   

Jean-Pierre stated in the White House news conference that the government had no regrets for supporting the cheap phoney narrative, even after the debate aroused questions about the president's mental acuity, particularly among left-wing friends.  

"Not at all," she told Fox News' Jacqui Heinrich if the administration regretted using the word.… Independent mainstream press fact-checkers and misinformation experts have debunked cheap fakes.   

They're fakes. They pursued the president. Reporters and misinformation experts agree this president is targeted. Echoed them. We succeeded. We'll emphasise that."  

The administration borrowed the word from the media, said Jean-Pierre. "Media reported. They called it cheap fakes. Misinformation was allegedly directed at President Biden. Planned against this president. That was repeated. No regrets. The truth."   

Last Monday, the Trump campaign sought an apology because "everyone sees there’s NOTHING fake about Biden’s decline."  

"They owe an apology to not just our campaign, but more importantly to the American people, for this major scandal that has led to the demise of our country over the past four years."  

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