Lilac Bush Not Blooming? Here’s What to Do 

Several years ago, a buddy gave me a little lilac bush. Not seeing flowers in April disappoints me every year. Can I bloom it? asks Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania Birds & Blooms reader Georgette Jahn. 

Why Is My Lilac Bush Not Blooming

Horticulturist Melinda Myers: Shade and incorrect pruning may prevent lilac blooming. Give your plant six hours of sunlight. If not, move it to the sun. 

“When and where should I plant lilac bushes? Do they need full sun?” asks reader Elizabeth Williams of Portland, Oregon. 

Do Lilacs Need Full Sun

Lilacs thrive in full sun with at least six hours of direct sunshine per day. Plant your lilac in wet, well-draining soil. They like neutral to slightly alkaline soil.  

“My lilacs never bloomed. Some direct sun, some shelter. Pine and oak trees acidify the soil. Is this the issue? asks Lovell, Maine reader Joanne Eastman. 

Do Lilacs Like Acidic Soil

Melinda Myers: Oak leaves and evergreen needles little affect soil acidity. Acidic soil causes leaf discolouration and reduced development, not just fewer blooms. 


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