Man and his dog electrocuted in freak accident during thunderstorm

A Maryland man and his dog were electrocuted and died over the weekend.  

On Tuesday, the Anne Arundel County Fire Department reported the June 30 incident. Officials said a 31-year-old Severn man was electrocuted outside his home.  

Many 911 calls reported trees falling during a violent storm, so officials responded. A fallen tree downed electricity cables, including those on a metal fence dividing residences.  

"Crews worked collectively to identify and prioritise hazards," it stated. "During the initial size-up of the incident, crews located one adult male suffering from injuries from electrocution."  

"Crews were able to quickly get the patient away from the hazardous environment and advanced medical treatment from Anne Arundel County Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians were immediately initiated."  

"An adult male was transported with serious life-threatening injuries to Baltimore Washington Medical Center… [where he] was pronounced deceased," the paper added.  

Officials told WBAL-TV that the man accidentally touched an electrified fence while saving his dog. "That fence became energised with one of the electrical wires," he said. "There was a dog next to that fence who sadly got electrocuted."  

"From that electrocution, the dog's owner heard and came running out to try and save the dog and sadly got electrocuted as well."  

WBAL-TV reported that firefighters advised homeowners to avoid fallen power lines. "Never trust a wire down," he said. "If you see a wire, never try to touch it."  

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