Man gets 60 years for house fire that murdered Senegalese family of 5 in robbery revenge plan.  

The Colorado guy who ignited a house fire that murdered five Senegalese immigrants in a failed robbery vengeance received a 60-year sentence.  

As conspiracy leader, Kevin Bui, 20, pleaded guilty to two second-degree murders. As part of the bargain, prosecutors dismissed 60 charges, including first-degree murder.   

A month previously, Bui was robbed while buying a weapon. Court filings suggest he used an app to track his iPhone to the house. Police said he started the fire and learned the next day from news reports that the victims were not the robbers.  

Fire appeared to be vengeance for stolen phone found at residence. Djibril Diol, 29, his 23-year-old wife Adja, their 22-month-old daughter Khadija, his sister Hassan, 25, and her 7-month-old baby Hawa died in the fire.  

Djibril and Hassan's father, Hamady Diol, phoned the court from Senegal via interpreter. He needs sleep after losing loved ones. “I'm a dead person that's not buried yet,” he told AP.  

Judge Beye labelled Bui a "big terrorist" and prevented him from eating, sleeping, or talking to his family in prison. Bui is told, "We can’t be normal because of you." Denver DA Beth McCann hopes Bui's sentencing consoles family.   

Kevin Bui, the planner of this awful, pointless deed, deserved the heaviest sentence of the three offenders. Five innocent victims would survive without him. McCann said his sentence will console victims' relatives.  

In court, Bui labelled himself a "ignorant knucklehead" during the fire. He adds "My heart beats the same as yours." "I have no excuses and nobody to blame but myself," said.  

Bui's lawyer blamed the youngest of three charged pals for starting the fire. Investigators informed the Associated Press that Bui admitted igniting and was burned. The last defendant sentenced is Bui.  

With a plea, 19-year-old Gavin Seymour received 40 years for second-degree murder. Following the incident, Dillon Siebert, 14, was sentenced to three years in juvenile imprisonment and seven years in a young state prison.  

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