Media react to Jill Biden's Vogue appearance: 'I thought this was satire'

All sides criticised Jill Biden's August Vogue cover Monday after her husband's awful debate performance last week.   

Vogue said, "We will decide our future," before the debate, but after talking to the First Lady about President Biden's White House future Sunday, it modified it.  

In the magazine, Biden said her husband "will always do what's best for the country" and her family will "continue to fight."  

"The debate on June 27 spurred a discussion about whether President Joe Biden should remain the Democratic nominee," Vogue said on its cover. Dr. Jill Biden, August Vogue cover, praised her husband.   

They "will not let those 90 minutes define the four years he's been president." she told Vogue from Camp David on June 30. "We'll keep fighting." 

After his performance against Trump, liberal media allies advised Biden to go due to mental health and cognitive capacity issues last week. Democrats and financiers "panic" over Biden's performance, but the campaign insists he stays.  

Vogue interviewed and photographed the First Family before the Biden-Trump debate, portraying it as a democracy-dictatorship struggle. Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour routinely raises money for the president.  

Many slammed Vogue's August cover on Monday for being too political.  "That was satire," Instagram star Alexandra Peirce said. What a shame."  

Check the space, Vogue. User: No one wants YOUR illegal rubbish, WW3, and inflation.  A third user said, "Those 90 minutes most definitely did define the last 4 years of this administration!"   

They noted that the magazine attacked former First Lady Melania Trump, who was not on the cover. Biden has three August Vogue covers after four years as president.   

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