Michigan man pleads guilty to kidnapping store manager and stealing 123 guns: DOJ  

Last November, a Michigan man pled guilty to kidnapping a sporting goods store manager at gunpoint to take 100 rifles.  

According to a DOJ press release, 33-year-old Darnell Bishop pleaded guilty to kidnapping and brandishing a pistol on Nov. 16, 2023, and faces life in prison. 

Bishop told officials that he and Nance shackled and blindfolded Dunham's Sports' Benton Harbour manager at gunpoint at his home before driving him elsewhere and forcing him to disclose the store's alarm code.  

Bishop told The Associated Press that he stole two coolers, sunglasses, and 123 handguns from the sporting goods store while Nance waited in the car with the manager. The robbery was filmed.  

The ATF valued the firearms over $100,000 when cops recovered them. The West Michigan U.S. Attorney's office is "laser focused" on prosecuting "driving gun violence in our communities."  

"Darnell Bishop’s brazen crimes, if successful, would have flooded the streets of Benton Harbour and beyond with illegal firearms," said Totten.   

According to Detroit Field Division SAC James Deir, dealer armed robberies are "one of ATF's top priorities" and Tuesday's plea was "the best-case scenario" for dealers and their employees.  

"The message continues to be clear: There is no place in our community for illegal firearms traffickers and those who choose to target and victimise business owners and employees who are just trying to provide for their families," he said.  

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