Michigan officials propose new hunting regulations as residents grapple with deer overpopulation

Locals are concerned about the growing deer population, so the Michigan DNR will vote on new deer hunting restrictions.  

Drones to recover deer, public land early and late antlerless seasons, and Hunter Access Program expansion to increase hunting are among the objectives.  

Michigan radio station WEMU says that state officials estimate over two million deer. The Midland Daily News claimed that Merrill, Michigan's Beougher Farms had been deer-damaged "for several years."   

When seeds sprout, they devour them, especially soybeans. They like soybeans...Deer eat four rows of mature corn before we pluck it "Jackie Beougher informed the broadcaster.  

"We've got to get these deer killed off from here because it’s not our responsibility to have to feed the deer," stated. Her neighbor Malcolm Brubaker, a 40-year hunter, told the outlet he reduced deer populations.   

See more lifestyle articles at foxnews.com/lifestyle. He said neighbors pick up his meat after he shares hunting photos on social media.  

"I developed a little Facebook post, and in two hours I had 45 people willing to come and they said they would love deer meat for their uncle, a deer for their parent," adds.    

According to the Michigan DNR's Deer Management Initiative, 28.95% of 27,109 Michigan residents rated deer damage to farm crops/agriculture moderately important and 19.47% highly important.   

Authorities informed Fox News Digital the DNR will vote on hunting limit changes on July 11. Fox 2 Detroit reported in 2023 that fewer hunters, predators, and changing weather have put Michigan's deer herd vulnerable.  

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