Miranda Lambert issues warning to fans after breaking up fight during her concert

Miranda Lambert guidelines for concertgoers who punch her.  On Tuesday, the 40-year-old Instagrammed "Five songs for you" deadpan. Gunpowder, Lead, Wranglers, Kerosene, Little Red Wagon. Fastest girl in town.  

Avoid that during Tin Man. Not now. In a song, the s--- talks, but not now. Choose time. You have 5 songs." Lambert grinned, advising fans to "look at the set list and choose your songs wisely."  

Just days before, social media footage showed the "If I Was a Cowboy" singer responding to a Texas fight Saturday while singing "Tin Man".   

Anyone faint? Someone faint? Are you well?" After song break, Lambert inquired. Are you fighting in this song? Because I'll go down there and you don't want that today. Not today. East Texas on you fast!"  

She questioned if everyone was good and "bleeding" before laughing, "Gals! We're always mad and punch. Why?" She mock-ordered security to remove "5"4" brawlers. Man, throw her over your shoulder."   

The country artist banned selfies during "Tin Man" last year, provoking outrage. Lambert promised her July Las Vegas audience she would stop after a few notes.   

Women are taking pictures instead of listening to the song. Offends me. Provoked shouts "I hate it," she said. Listen to country tonight. My music is country." She asked everyone to sit before restarting the song.   

Lambert attacked fans to mixed reviews. Some assumed the celebrity identified non-problematic viewers.  Lambert seemed to get overwhelming fan support for her Tuesday statements.   

"This is the best," said. Be respectful to Tin Man. No fights throughout vice. Lol." Another said "Tin Man is sacred," and another joked "the fights are scheduled into the set now lol."  

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