Morgan Freeman calls AI deepfake a 'scam' after his voice is replicated on TikTok

Morgan Freeman, one of Hollywood's most recognizable voices, backs up his claims. It's no surprise that the revered actor objected to a TikTok video with his voice.

"Welcome to my niece's day-in-life, narrated by me, Morgan Freeman," the video begins. The post's description read, "Uncle Mo has been booked and busy, but i finally got him to narrate my trip!"  

Despite including "ai," several users fell for Freeman's voice imitation. On social media, the "Million Dollar Baby" star thanked his supporters for alerting him to the video and stressed the significance of reporting unlawful AI use.  

Unfortunately for Freeman, his name and likeness have been exploited without authorization before. She was provided a video by her cousins that appeared to show her employer terminating her as Revelations' EVP.  

At the Produced By panel "AI: What Every Producer Needs to Know," Lori McCreary said, "I could tell it wasn’t real," according to Deadline. But another instance nearly fooled her.  

McCreary claims she received a Freeman book promotion video. The deepfake was so convincing that McCreary called the actor's makeup artist to verify it.  

"This is Not Morgan Freeman" went viral in 2021 with a video and audio of Freeman. Artificial intelligence advances were highlighted in the video, sparking discussion.  

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