Mystery Monoliths Keep Popping Up On Popular Hiking Trail



Imagine hiking your favorite Utah Red Rock route when you see something in the summer heat. You find that odd. In a lonely desert, a metal structure is odd.  

The strange story begins in 2020, a year that shook the earth with alien conspiracies. 

Mysterious Monoliths, A Chronology

The internet is full of theories about how and why these metal monoliths are appearing on hiking trails, 

Whodunit?: The Internet's Running Theorie

Most people believe The Most Famous Artist collective created these cryptic works. The "prankster" collective sold imitation monoliths for $45,000 after the Utah one went viral and claimed ownership for the artwork. 

While some blame John McCracken, the sculptor died in 2011, nearly a decade before the first monolith was found. 

Some artists, like the one seen at Atascadero, California in December 2020, have claimed responsibility for some monoliths, while others have only hinted at their involvement. 

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