NFL legend Tom Brady expresses one regret about storied playing career

Tom Brady's NFL earnestness was well-known.  On "The Pivot" podcast, the seven-time Super Bowl champion regretted his temper. "My change would have been admitting I still adore... Look at these young kids.  

"I see Patrick [Mahomes] out there at quarterback, laughing, having fun," Brady told former NFL players and podcast co-hosts Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor, and Channing Crowder in May.   

"I say, ‘I used to be like that!’" What the hell happened to me? I took me too seriously." Brady shared the New England Patriots' robotic, serious approach with Bill Belichick during their unprecedented success.   

Brady yelled at teammates on the sideline and broke tablets during his rages. Brady appeared looser after departing New England for Tampa in 2020.   

After 2022, Brady retired "for good" from football. NFL legend prepares to broadcast. Brady and FOX NFL play-by-play guy On Sept. 8, Kevin Burkhardt will broadcast the Dallas Cowboys Week 1 game versus the Cleveland Browns.   

The game will mark Brady's FOX Sports NFL analyst debut. Last month's UFL Championship game saw him in the booth.  

Brady considered what he could have done differently as he considered his next career move. "You just learn from it, and go, ‘OK, now next phase of life, enjoy it a little more,’" he said.  

He also discussed his early career problems. I spent most of my early career attempting to fulfil people's new expectations and fitting in as a 14-year-old boy.  

I said, "I just want to go to the pitch and play," Brady said. All other choices existed. After not sleeping, eating well, or partying, you're exhausted. I don't like how I feel."  

Brady has had a busy few months before his TV debut. The Patriots enshrined him and others into the Hall of Fame at Gillette Stadium in June.  

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