Nigel Farage's return to politics causes wrinkle in British election: Why has he proven so successful?

Researcher: Nigel Farage's Reform UK Party may influence conservative politics in future elections. "He's going to make noise," Fox News Digital quoted conservative militant and European party consultant Matthew Tyrmand.  

"He sparks ideas. Popular and prominent, he'll outnumber MPs." Tyrmand and Farage discussed Brexit and his political bid since CPAC 10 years ago.  

Reform will increase its Parliamentary representation after Lee Anderson left earlier this year as the Conservative Party lost popularity in six weeks. Despite wins, Tyrmand expects Farage's influence outside Parliament to last.   

"The contention that he will, you know, be the leader of the opposition, that is an aggressive talking point," he remarked. "Formally, that will certainly not be the case, but ideologically and in visibility, there will be a case to be made for it."  

Telegraph Savanta surveys show Conservatives 20% and Reform 17%. Tiremand predicted Reform would win 10%–20% but few seats due to Britain's fragmented voting system.  

"That alone is going to shine a light on the system and how indirectly, unproportionately representative it is, and people [will] be pissed off about that, as they should be," adds.  

Tyrmand said Farage's "I'm a Celebrity Getting Me Out of Here" image shaped him. Farage finished third in trials, per The Guardian. Liberal-Democrats, with more members than Reform, could not offer such proposals.  

In his final pitch, Farage stated Labour will "change middle management" and "Britain’s elites are happy to see Keir Starmer replace Rishi Sunak."  

"I am serious about breaking up their rotten two-party system," . Reform UK can oppose Parliament after Thursday. Starmer will answer for his EU-pleasing immigration reforms after Brexit."  

Will July 4th, like Columbus Day, soon simply disappear? 

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