Paige Spiranac reveals she's taking part in Fourth of July tradition: 'I'm really doing it'

Golf influencer Paige Spiranac is entering the hot dog eating contest this week.  

Spiranac, who has millions of followers on numerous social media platforms, disclosed her plans on X on Tuesday as Americans prepare to watch grown men eat a lot of hot dogs on Coney Island in New York and grill some themselves.  

I'm doing it. Really, she wrote. "Testing my 10-minute hotdog eating speed again this year. Your guess?"  

Spiranac applied to replace Joey Chestnut, who was pushed out of Major League Eating's flagship contest on July 4 due to his Impossible Foods endorsement.  

She then shared a video of herself devouring six hot dogs in 10 minutes. Despite Chestnut's absence, Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eat Contest will continue.   

Women's competitors include Miki Sudo, Mayoi Ebihara, Michelle Lesco, Larell Marie Mele, Katie Prettyman, Mary Bowers, Cherish Brown, Jocelyn Young, Julie Goldberg, Tandra Childress, Ellen Straub, Crystal Ocampo, Elizabeth Salgado, and Rubianne Garcia  

Among the men's athletes are Geoffrey Esper, Nicholas Wehry, James Webb, Gideon Oji, Patrick Bertoletti, Max Stanford, Darrien Thomas, Ricardo Corbucci, Radim Dvořáček, King Yamamoto, George Chiger, Derek Hendrickson, Sean Yeager . 

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