Patrick Mahomes' mother Randi opens up about the difficulties she faced as the star QB rose to fame

NFL standout Patrick Mahomes won 3 Super Bowls. Since Mahomes is the league's greatest quarterback, his family has been in the spotlight.   

Recent headlines highlight Brittany Mahomes, his wife. She was essential to Netflix's "Quarterback." Pat Mahomes Sr. went viral as his son led the Chiefs to multiple Super Bowls. Randi, Mahomes' mother, recently admitted fame's drawbacks.  

Despite fans' adulation, Randi cried over "hate" toward the Mahomes family. Swift and Kelce's romance deserves "some of the credit" from Patrick Mason.  

"As much as I say we're blessed and Patrick's living his dream, it has been the hardest seven years of my adult life," Randi on "The Mom Game Podcast."   

Social media helped me fall asleep years after winning the Super Bowl. Someone would detest me and my three kids when I looked. Like, "This is a beautiful All-American family," on social media. Why would this parent say?" Randi said.  

Mahomes' fame ended family trips. Dinner and routine are all we want. We don't. Work is hard because 90% of my calls aren't work-related. I work and want normal, Randi stated.  

I envy my social media pals' normal lives. They have Patrick and Jackson-aged kids and typical life. We don't. Very hard." Randi, Patrick's younger half-sister Mia's mother, hates unfavorable comments about her kids.  

Randi advised Patrick to quit the NFL if his passion hurts his family. "I hear him, you know, make comments like, 'If the game takes away from my kids. 

I might not play as long as Tom Brady,' and I'm like, I'm so proud of him for that," says. Has played all seven NFL seasons for the Chiefs since his 2017 draft.  

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