'Personal heritage journeys' bring travelers much closer to their family's stories

Investigate relatives. Kensington Tours and Ancestry show ancestral properties. Elizabeth Dobson of London, Ontario took Kensington Tours "personal heritage journey".   

"My dad, before he died, told me that we had an artist in the family [who] was in the royal court," said. She studied her great-great-grandfather William Charles Thomas Dobson.  

"I signed up for a heritage tour, which involved genealogists doing professional research on my great-great-grandfather and forwarding that to me and forwarding that to the tour agents at Kensington Tours — who then devised a custom trip for me to find out about my great-great-grandfather," she said.   

She visited her niece in England for 12 days in May 2024. Each "personal heritage journey" is unique. She visited his late 19th-century rented cottage at the Spyglass Inn on the Isle of Wight, where he died.    

Dobson inspected his museum items. Fox News Digital described her response to seeing her great-great-grandfather's mausoleum.   

Tourists are "put in touch with genealogists from Ancestry, and they work together to uncover their family's story," Susinski said.   

"Once that family story has been uncovered, they share that information with our destination experts, and our destination experts will craft the trip." "We craft the itineraries according to hotel preference and length of stay," says.   

"And often, we find these trips are a combination of heritage exploration, as well as a more generalized visit to the country." Susinski said Kensington Tours offers unique genealogy services.   

Tourgoers "stand out" and "attract local attention." "We've heard stories where a guide, with the clients, will be walking down a street and a local approached them and asked why they're in this town," adds.   

These tours are popular in Ireland, France, Japan, and NYC, said Susinski.  "And that leads to a back and forth, and they find out that the person they've spoken to is connected to the family by multiple generations," adds.  

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