Plant Hellebore (Lenten Rose) for Early Spring Blooms 

These wonders bloom as early as late winter and provide several months of food for spring bees, hoverflies and other pollinators. 

Pollinator Benefits

It is a Runuculacea plant, not a rose. Hellebore was utilized in witchcraft and medicine for millennia before becoming known as the “Lenten rose” due to its Lent blooms. 

History of Lenten Rose

The hardy perennial Lenten rose with evergreen foliage and long-lasting blooms. In temperate regions, it blooms in late January or February; in colder regions, in March or April.  

When Does Lenten Rose Bloom?

This perennial tolerates drought once established. The only grooming is cutting last season's leaves in early January. Trim old leaves before blooms to avoid accidentally chopping them off. 

Cutting Back Lenten Rose

These plants produce a lot of seed, though they are not weedy. Over time, hellebore colonizes. The ripe, black seeds are easy to gather. 

Growing Lenten Rose From Seeds

Hellebores swiftly clump and split to multiply. General rule: finish by April or fall. Gather as much root ball as possible by digging deep and avoiding leaf margins. 

How to Divide Hellebores


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