Retired couple from Virginia is traveling to every one of this restaurant chain's locations in the USA

An elderly couple plans to visit every US Texas Roadhouse on their next trip.  Judy and Mike McNamara of Franklin, Virginia, married 52 years ago. The American chain has been their favorite since 2003.   

Mike McNamara and his wife were in Northwest Indiana for one of their two annual road vacations when Fox News Digital spoke with them.  

"Last night was [No.] 433, but there’s two more after the day here, and then we’ll go to Southern Ohio and that will be [No. 437]," adds.  

"We go to some national parks, too, and museums, but the majority of it now is just going to visit Texas Roadhouse," adds. Mike McNamara realized how far they had come since Judy retired in 2017.   

"I looked up all [of] our credit card statements from the time she retired [back] to the first one — we’d been to 37," . Next, Mike McNamara prepared a spreadsheet to estimate how many of the 650 locations they could visit.   

"Since 2018, we’ve been going around the country visiting Texas Roadhouses," said. Judy prefers chicken or shrimp, but Mike McNamara likes six-ounce steak, salad, and baked potato.   

Says "But when you’re going to them sometimes 10, 15, 20 in a row, you don’t want that every day, so I will switch back and forth from the sirloin, pork chop and chicken fritters."  

The McNamaras go around twice a month without the camper because they live 45 minutes away.  McNamaras will visit 80 more places this year, 500 of 650. Since 1993, Louisville has Texas Roadhouse.  

The cinnamon-honey butter breadbasket is popular. Michael McNamara makes dessert rolls from leftover cinnamon honey butter sweet potatoes.   

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