Retired teacher sues PA borough after he was convicted for putting 'for sale' sign in his truck window

A retired Pennsylvania educator is suing his borough for violating a local code by posting a "for sale" sign on his legally parked car. 

"We put you in office as judges and state representatives to protect our rights," Fox News Digital's Will Cramer remarked. "And when we see things like giving people tickets for putting a for-sale sign in their car – violating our First Amendment right – it's sad."  

He and the Institute for Justice sued Nazareth on April 9 for a permanent injunction "against a traditional, low-cost, and effective form of personal commercial speech."  

"I really can't think of a good reason why Nazareth has this policy in place," said. "I'm not quite sure why they would be so concerned about a car with the sign in the window."  

After 40 years in Nazareth, a small Northampton County town, Cramer taught high school mathematics and biology for 20 years. When school started, he decided to retire in December 2023 and teach English in the Philippines for a year.  

"I was retiring, and I was finally going to move to another country, so there was urgency to sell my truck," he said. I preferred to sell rather than take. Wouldn't store."   

After failing to sell online, Cramer parked his truck with a "for sale" sign on the street outside his house. He was unaware of Nazareth's ban on for-sale signage on legally parked vehicles on public roads.   

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