RFK Jr. on Biden's 'alarming' debate performance: We need a realistic president.  

After the heated CNN Presidential Debate in Atlanta, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. questioned President Biden's mental health last week.  

Biden's debate performance was "alarming." RFK Jr. told Martha MacCallum "The Story" Tuesday. "This is the man who's going to be possibly woken up at 3:00 a.m.  

the morning and have to make a decision within six minutes of waking up about whether to retaliate, whether to send a missile barrage onto the Russians," says.   

Independent presidential candidate: White House can't rely on Biden's record and disregard mental health. A president who thinks constantly is needed, said RFK Jr.   

After his debate performance, Biden cautioned North Carolinans he's "not a young man." "Walking is harder now. My speech is scratchy. I can tell the truth despite my decreasing debate abilities.  

He told fans, "I know right from wrong."I can do this. You get up after being knocked down, like millions of Americans." President resigned days after CNN Presidential Debate.  

The New York Times stated that Biden's family advised him to run in 2024 despite cognitive issues. He said his family wasn't briefed of Biden's performance, but their listserv was "shocked."   

The shock was real. People texted during the argument. President Biden's staunchest supporters called this embarrassing. He remembered.   

The Russia-Ukraine war and China's ascent require a president who is "actually looking at reality and is, you know, is trying to adjust our reality to the facts."  

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